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Top 10 Gross% Change
#1 MovieGross
1Oct. 13Sat286$34,306,265+32.2%+29.7%58Why Did I Get Married?$8,790,348
2Oct. 27Sat300$31,895,448+3.9%+4.0%58Saw IV$10,477,464
3Oct. 26Fri299$30,711,287+535.9%+23.8%58Saw IV$14,755,978
4Oct. 20Sat293$30,655,693+23.6%-10.6%6030 Days of Night$5,879,123
5Oct. 6Sat279$26,458,444+41.2%-16.5%57The Game Plan$7,301,977
6Oct. 12Fri285$25,958,342+537.5%+38.5%58Why Did I Get Married?$7,418,231
7Oct. 19Fri292$24,805,019+349.5%-4.4%6030 Days of Night$6,251,903
8Oct. 14Sun287$20,065,036-41.5%+10.7%58Why Did I Get Married?$5,145,210
9Oct. 5Fri278$18,741,282+318.5%-16.3%57The Heartbreak Kid$4,675,669
10Oct. 28Sun301$18,550,963-41.8%+7.8%58Saw IV$6,523,322
11Oct. 7Sun280$18,133,809-31.5%-3.0%57The Game Plan$4,964,919
12Oct. 21Sun294$17,214,243-43.8%-14.2%6030 Days of Night$3,820,876
13Oct. 8Mon281$8,750,606-51.7%+82.9%55The Game Plan$2,733,318
14Oct. 31Wed304$6,939,876+31.7%+45.4%55Saw IV$2,808,522
15Oct. 15Mon288$6,163,471-69.3%-29.6%56Why Did I Get Married?$1,715,482
16Oct. 16Tue289$5,995,759-2.7%+34.7%56Why Did I Get Married?$1,408,508
17Oct. 29Mon302$5,547,484-70.1%+7.6%55Saw IV$2,085,443
18Oct. 17Wed290$5,532,656-7.7%+35.0%56Why Did I Get Married?$1,129,694
19Oct. 18Thu291$5,517,965-0.3%+35.5%56Why Did I Get Married?$1,157,337
20Oct. 23Tue296$5,416,620+5.0%-9.7%5530 Days of Night$1,277,763
21Oct. 30Tue303$5,270,436-5.0%-2.7%55Saw IV$1,844,808
22Oct. 22Mon295$5,157,400-70.0%-16.3%5830 Days of Night$1,322,944
23Oct. 2Tue275$5,091,058+6.4%+1.8%63The Kingdom$1,382,535
24Oct. 25Thu298$4,829,270+1.2%-12.5%5530 Days of Night$1,028,665
25Oct. 1Mon274$4,785,391-74.4%-5.9%63The Kingdom$1,312,710
26Oct. 24Wed297$4,771,843-11.9%-13.8%5530 Days of Night$1,036,869
27Oct. 4Thu277$4,478,440+1.7%+3.5%63The Kingdom$1,076,125
28Oct. 9Tue282$4,452,790-49.1%-12.5%55The Heartbreak Kid$1,091,440
29Oct. 3Wed276$4,402,982-13.5%-2.2%63The Kingdom$1,116,905
30Oct. 10Wed283$4,098,246-8.0%-6.9%56The Heartbreak Kid$966,063
31Oct. 11Thu284$4,072,071-0.6%-9.1%56The Heartbreak Kid$913,006