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Top 10 Gross% Change
#1 MovieGross
Aug. 31Wed243$7,490,083-18.3%-21.5%53The Help$1,802,985
Aug. 30Tue242$9,171,756+18.2%-27.2%51The Help$2,162,591
Aug. 29Mon241$7,759,877-60.5%-28.4%51The Help$1,806,855
Aug. 28Sun240$19,631,016-28.2%-30.6%55The Help$4,251,768
Aug. 27Sat239$27,346,986+21.3%-28.8%55The Help$5,882,006
Aug. 26Fri238$22,552,720+134.1%-26.8%55The Help$4,402,344
Aug. 25Thu237$9,634,765+0.9%-32.4%51The Help$2,640,369
Aug. 24Wed236$9,546,048-24.2%-34.8%51The Help$2,636,642
Aug. 23Tue235$12,590,600+16.2%-36.2%51The Help$3,073,232
Aug. 22Mon234$10,838,035-61.7%-41.1%51The Help$2,606,233
Aug. 21Sun233$28,266,506-26.4%-32.2%53The Help$6,080,641
Aug. 20Sat232$38,417,969+24.6%-24.7%53The Help$8,099,476
Aug. 19Fri231$30,829,299+116.4%-27.9%53The Help$5,838,542
Aug. 18Thu230$14,244,155-2.7%-24.3%53The Help$3,569,477
Aug. 17Wed229$14,634,053-25.9%-33.6%52The Help$3,564,041
Aug. 16Tue228$19,737,524+7.2%-11.9%52The Help$4,378,810
Aug. 15Mon227$18,411,675-55.8%-7.2%52The Help$3,891,426
Aug. 14Sun226$41,662,576-18.4%-10.8%54Rise of the Planet of the Apes$8,796,455
Aug. 13Sat225$51,029,567+19.3%-12.6%54Rise of the Planet of the Apes$10,927,862
Aug. 12Fri224$42,788,203+127.5%-13.6%54Rise of the Planet of the Apes$8,107,990
Aug. 11Thu223$18,808,699-14.6%+0.0%54The Help$4,333,909
Aug. 10Wed222$22,034,845-1.6%+3.7%53The Help$5,539,917
Aug. 9Tue221$22,394,219+12.9%-9.2%52Rise of the Planet of the Apes$6,673,092
Aug. 8Mon220$19,841,290-57.5%-14.0%53Rise of the Planet of the Apes$6,652,998
Aug. 7Sun219$46,697,419-20.0%-4.0%52Rise of the Planet of the Apes$15,966,318
Aug. 6Sat218$58,375,045+17.8%-6.8%52Rise of the Planet of the Apes$19,305,174
Aug. 5Fri217$49,538,091+163.5%-12.5%52Rise of the Planet of the Apes$19,534,699
Aug. 4Thu216$18,800,310-11.5%-0.1%51The Smurfs$4,092,559
Aug. 3Wed215$21,254,234-13.8%+8.1%52The Smurfs$4,828,115
Aug. 2Tue214$24,665,521+6.9%-0.6%52The Smurfs$5,664,831
Aug. 1Mon213$23,071,721-52.6%-2.3%52The Smurfs$5,004,689