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Monday, Nov. 24
WEEKEND: Estimates (35 tracked)
Sunday, Nov. 23
ALL TIME: Opening Weekends
ALL TIME: November Openings
YEARLY: 2014 Openings
FRANCHISES: 'Hunger Games' Openings
DAILY: Saturday Estimates
Saturday, Nov. 22
DAILY: Friday Estimates
ALL TIME: Opening Days - 'Mockingjay' ranks 17th >
ALL TIME: Biggest Fridays - 'Mockingjay' ranks 14th >
Thursday, Nov. 20
THEATERS: 11/26 Estimates
THEATERS: 11/21 Counts
Sunday, Nov. 16
Thursday, Nov. 20
DAILY: Wednesday, 11/19 (37 tracked)
Wednesday, Nov. 19
MPAA: New Ratings - 'Taken 3,' 'The Interview'
DAILY: Tuesday, 11/18 (36 tracked)
Tuesday, Nov. 18
11/18 DVD/Blu-ray Releases
DAILY: Monday, 11/17 (36 tracked)
STUDIOS: Market Share (as of Sun.)
Monday, Nov. 17
WEEKEND: Actuals (89 tracked)
WEEKEND: Studio Estimates vs. Actuals
DAILY: Sunday, 11/16 (40 tracked)
DAILY: Saturday, 11/15 (40 tracked)
DAILY: Friday, 11/14 (40 tracked)
Sunday, Nov. 16
ACTORS: Jim Carrey Openings
DIRECTORS: The Farrelly Bros. Openings
GENRES: Road Trip Comedy Openings
South Korea: Massive 2nd weekend for 'Interstellar' >
U.K.: 'Interstellar' holds off 'Imitation Game' >
Mexico: Strong start for 'Big Hero' >
France: 'Interstellar' off 25% >
Germany: 'Dumber' in 3rd >
Brazil: $3.5M for 'Dumber To' >
Australia: Great hold for 'Interstellar' >
Italy: 'Interstellar' in close race with local title >
Spain: 'Dumber' in 2nd >
Japan: Local titles dominate >
Friday, Nov. 14
DAILY: Thursday, 11/13 (49 tracked)
Thursday, Nov. 13
THEATERS: 'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1' estimate >
THEATERS: 11/14 Counts
DAILY: Wednesday, 11/12 (39 tracked)
Wednesday, Nov. 12
New poster for 'Insurgent' >
DAILY: Tuesday, 11/11 (39 tracked)
SCHEDULE: 'Unfriended,' 'The Visit'
TITLE CHANGES: 'Unfriended,' 'The Visit'
Tuesday, Nov. 11
11/11 DVD/Blu-ray Releases
SCHEDULE: 'The Conjuring 2'
MPAA: New Ratings - 'American Sniper,' 'Top Five,' 'The Gambler'
DAILY: Monday, 11/10 (39 tracked)
STUDIOS: Market Share (as of Sun.)
SCHEDULE: 'Strange Magic'
Monday, Nov. 10
WEEKEND: Actuals (113 tracked)
WEEKEND: Studio Estimates vs. Actuals
DAILY: Sunday, 11/9 (47 tracked)
DAILY: Saturday, 11/8 (47 tracked)
DAILY: Friday, 11/7 (47 tracked)
Disney sets titles for 2016 animated movies >
Sunday, Nov. 9
BRANDS: Disney Animation Openings
GENRES: Sci-Fi Animation Openings
ALL TIME: Non-#1 Openings
DIRECTORS: Christopher Nolan Openings
ACTORS: Matthew McConaughey Openings
ACTORS: Anne Hathaway Openings
BRANDS: Legendary Pictures Openings
Korea: $14.2M for 'Interstellar' >
U.K.: Huge start for 'Interstellar' >
Russia: 'Interstellar' score $8M >
France: 'Interstellar' takes 1st >
Germany: 'Interstellar' on top >
Australia: 'Interstellar' leads >
Italy: 'Interstellar' opens in 1st >
Mexico: Solid debut for 'Interstellar' >
Spain: 'Interstellar' takes top spot >
Brazil: 'Interstellar' trails 'Dracula' >