Around-the-World Roundup: 'Pirates' Out-Class 'X-Men'

by Brandon Gray
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

June 6, 2011

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides reigned over the foreign box office for the third weekend in a row and extended its lead as the biggest movie of 2011 so far. Close behind for the weekend was The Hangover Part II, which added some key markets, and X-Men: First Class, debuting in most of the world.

Raking in an estimated $69.4 million, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides slowed 45 percent from last weekend, but its foreign haul climbed to $600.4 million. On the all-time foreign gross chart, the supernatural swashbuckler ranked 16th, and it won't be long before On Stranger Tides exceeds the final grosses of Dead Man's Chest ($642.9 million) and At World's End ($654 million) and lands in the Top Ten. On Stranger Tides' top three single markets were Japan ($61.5 million), Russia ($57.1 million) and China ($53 million). Add in its domestic gross ($190.3 million), and the movie's worldwide take stood at $790.7 million, ranking 31st on the all-time worldwide gross chart.

Entering 13 more countries for a total of 53, The Hangover Part II grossed $63.8 million over the weekend, lifting its sum to $154 million or 79 percent of the first Hangover's entire run. The comedy sequel was off 34 percent overall in its holdover markets, led by the U.K. ($6.3 million, beating First Class for the proper three-day weekend), Australia ($6.1 million, fending off First Class) and France ($5.1 million). Its two biggest openings were in Germany and Russia. In Germany, it drew $13 million (including previews), tripling the first Hangover's start and ranking as the top-grossing start ever for a 16-rated comedy. In Russia, it posted $5.1 million, which was the biggest-grossing debut ever an American comedy there. It was also neck-and-neck with Kung Fu Panda 2's second weekend, stronger than First Class's opening and triple its predecessor. The next key markets for Hangover Part II are Spain on June 23 and Japan on July 1.

X-Men: First Class was unleashed in 74 countries and drew $61 million, which was close to X-Men: Wolverine's openings in the same countries overall. First Class was projected by distributor 20th Century Fox to be No. 1 in around 30 countries over the weekend, and its top-grossing ones were the United Kingdom and France. In the U.K., it made $9 million (including previews), which was off nine percent from Wolverine, while, in France, it nabbed $7.1 million, up two percent from Wolverine.

In most of its markets, First Class's gross was marginally higher than Wolverine, like in Australia ($5.1 million), or down, like in Spain and Russia, but major improvements mostly in Asia put it over the top. In South Korea, First Class raked in $5.4 million or more than two and half times Wolverine's start, and big gains were made in Taiwan (five times Wolverine), Thailand, the Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia (distributor 20th Century Fox's highest-grossing opening ever). All told, First Class posted franchise-high opening grosses in 14 countries.

Meanwhile, Kung Fu Panda 2 landed in fourth with $42.5 million in 28 markets, increasing its total to $127.3 million. It added 17 smaller territories, including the United Arab Emirates, where it delivered the biggest-grossing animated opening ever with an estimated $1.3 million, and Vietnam, where it logged the highest-grossing opening ever with $1 million. Its holdovers, though, were the main contributors. In China, the animated sequel packed an estimated $13.9 million for a $48 million tally, and it was No. 1 again in South Korea with $9 million ($24.4 million total) and it added $5 million in Russia (for a $24 million tally). Next weekend, Kung Fu Panda 2 enters 13 more markets, including the U.K., Brazil and Mexico.

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