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9/1/13 Weekend Report: 'One Direction' Rocks, 'Instructions' Surprises Over Labor Day
8/30/13 September 2013 Preview
8/29/13 Forecast: 'One Direction' to Reach #1 on the Charts This Weekend
8/25/13 Weekend Report: 'Butler' Repeats, Newcomers All Open Below $10 Million
8/22/13 Forecast: 'You're Next' Targets Top Spot on Quiet August Weekend
8/18/13 Weekend Report: 'Kick-Ass' Gets Butt Kicked by 'Butler'
8/15/13 Forecast: 'Kick-Ass,' 'Butler' Battle for First This Weekend
8/11/13 Weekend Report: Audiences Travel to 'Elysium' Over Crowded Weekend
8/8/13 Forecast: 'Elysium' Likely to Lead Competitive Weekend
8/4/13 Weekend Report: '2 Guns' Takes Top Spot, 'Smurfs' Struggles
8/2/13 'Despicable' Drives July to Second-Highest Monthly Gross Ever
8/1/13 Forecast: '2 Guns' Takes Aim at First Ahead of 'Smurfs 2'
7/31/13 August 2013 Preview
7/31/13 August Preview (cont.): 'Mortal Instruments,' 'World's End' & More
7/28/13 Weekend Report: 'Wolverine' Bleeds, But Still Easily Leads
7/25/13 Forecast: 'Wolverine' To Go Berserk On Box Office This Weekend
7/21/13 Weekend Report: 'Conjuring' Haunts First With Record Opening
7/18/13 Forecast: 'Conjuring' Should Scare Off 'Turbo,' 'Red 2,' 'R.I.P.D.'
7/14/13 Weekend Report: 'Pacific Rim' Loses to Family Sequels
7/11/13 Forecast: 'Pacific Rim' Goes to War With 'Grown Ups 2' This Weekend
7/7/13 Weekend Report: 'Despicable' Defeats 'Ranger' Over Busy Fourth of July
7/3/13 Forecast: 'Despicable 2' Set to Destroy 4th of July Weekend
7/2/13 'Man of Steel,' 'Monsters U' Lead Record-Setting June
6/30/13 Weekend Report: 'Monsters' Repeats, 'Heat' Sets Fire to 'White House'
6/27/13 Forecast: 'White House Down,' 'The Heat' in Race for Second This Weekend
6/23/13 Weekend Report: 'Monsters' and Zombies Both Win On Busy Weekend
6/20/13 Forecast: 'Monsters University' Set to School 'World War Z'
6/16/13 Weekend Report: 'Man of Steel' Soars, Scores New June Record
6/13/13 Forecast: 'Man of Steel' Sets Sights on June Record
6/9/13 Weekend Report: 'Purge' Kills, 'Fast' Reaches $200 Million
6/6/13 Forecast: 'Purge,' 'Internship' Fight For First on Quiet Weekend
6/4/13 May Kicks Off Summer 2013 With Record Grosses
6/2/13 Weekend Report: 'Fast' Falls, Magicians Make Will Smith Disappear
5/19/13 Weekend Report: 'Into Darkness' Boldly Goes Where 2009's 'Trek' Went Before
5/15/13 Forecast: 'Star Trek' Sequel Targets $100 Million Four-Day Start
5/12/13 Weekend Report: 'Gatsby' Great, But 'Iron Man' Leads Again
5/9/13 Forecast: 'Gatsby' Poised for 'Great' Second Place Opening
5/5/13 Weekend Report: 'Iron Man 3' Takes Off with Second-Highest Opening Ever
5/2/13 Forecast: 'Iron Man 3' in Line for One of the Biggest Openings Ever
5/1/13 May 2013 Preview
5/1/13 May 2013 Preview (cont.): 'Fast 6,' 'Hangover Part III' and More
4/28/13 Weekend Report: 'Pain' Gains First, 'Iron Man 3' Scores $198.4M Overseas
4/26/13 Summer 2013 Forecast
4/26/13 Summer 2013 Forecast (cont.)
4/25/13 Forecast: 'Pain and Gain' to Flex Modest Box Office Muscles
4/21/13 Weekend Report: Tom Cruise Back on Top with 'Oblivion'
4/18/13 Forecast: 'Oblivion' Gets Jump on Summer Season This Weekend
4/15/13 Weekend Report: '42' Called Up to Box Office Big Leagues
4/13/13 Friday Report: '42' Scores, 'Scary Movie 5' Bombs
4/11/13 Forecast: '42' Goes to Bat Against 'Scary Movie 5'
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7/12 Friday Report: 'Apes' Strong on Opening Day
7/10 Forecast: 'Apes' Sequel Swings In to Theaters This Weekend
7/8 'Transformers' Becomes Highest-Grossing Movie Ever in China
7/6 Weekend Report: 'Transformers' Repeats On Weak Independence Day Weekend
7/4 Friday Report: 'Transformers' Leads Quiet Fourth of July
7/2 Forecast: 'Transformers' to Take Out 'Tammy' Over July 4th Weekend
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