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1/16/14 Forecast: 'Jack Ryan' to Take Back Seat to 'Ride Along'
1/16/14 'Gravity,' 'Hustle' Lead 2013 Oscar Nominations
1/12/14 Weekend Report: Audiences Flock to 'Lone Survivor,' Avoid 'Hercules,' 'Her'
1/9/14 Forecast: 'Lone Survivor' to Outlast 'Hercules' this Weekend
1/5/14 Weekend Report: 'Frozen' Chills 'Paranormal' Spin-Off
1/2/14 Forecast: 'Paranormal' Spin-Off to Haunt First Weekend of 2014
12/29/13 Weekend Report: 'Hobbit,' 'Frozen' Top 'Wolf,' 'Mitty' on Final Weekend of 2013
12/26/13 'Hobbit' Holds Off 'Wolf' on Christmas Day
12/22/13 Weekend Report: Burgundy Beaten by Bilbo
12/18/13 Forecast: Great Odin's Raven! 'Anchorman 2' Set for Strong Start
12/15/13 Weekend Report: 'Smaug' Sets Fire to Box Office, Misses First 'Hobbit's Mark
12/12/13 Forecast: 'Smaug' Poised to Open Lower Than First 'Hobbit'
12/8/13 Weekend Report: 'Frozen' Beats 'Fire,' 'Furnace' Melts
12/5/13 Forecast: 'Furnace' to Get Burned by Holdovers 'Frozen,' 'Fire'
12/3/13 Strong November Box Office Falls Just Short of Record
12/1/13 Weekend Report: 'Catching Fire,' 'Frozen' Set Thanksgiving Records
11/27/13 Forecast: 'Catching Fire,' 'Frozen' Set to Light Up Thanksgiving Box Office
11/24/13 Weekend Report: 'Catching Fire' Burns Bright, Sets November Record
11/22/13 'Catching Fire' Scores $25 Million on Thursday
11/21/13 Forecast: 'Hunger Games' Sequel to Set Record Books on 'Fire'
11/17/13 Weekend Report: 'Best Man' Surprises, But 'Thor' Still Repeats
11/14/13 Forecast: 'Thor' Set to Repeat Against 'Best Man Holiday'
11/10/13 Weekend Report: 'Thor' Sequel Gets Boost from 'The Avengers'
11/7/13 Forecast: 'Thor 2' Aims for 'Avengers' Bump This Weekend
11/6/13 Holiday 2013 Forecast
11/6/13 Holiday 2013 Forecast (cont.)
11/3/13 Weekend Report: 'Ender' Wins Box Office 'Game,' 'Thor' Mighty Overseas
11/1/13 'Gravity' Dominates Disappointing October
10/31/13 Forecast: 'Ender,' 'Birds,' 'Vegas' All Target Solid Debuts
10/27/13 Weekend Report: Good 'Grandpa,' Bad 'Counselor'
10/24/13 Forecast: Audiences to Take a Trip with 'Grandpa' This Weekend
10/20/13 Weekend Report: 'Gravity' Wins Again, 'Carrie' Leads Weak Newcomers
10/17/13 Forecast: 'Carrie' Unlikely to Scare Off 'Gravity'
10/13/13 Weekend Report: 'Gravity' Holds, 'Captain' Floats, 'Machete' Bombs
10/10/13 Forecast: 'Captain' Sets Sail, Will Trail 'Gravity' This Weekend
10/6/13 Weekend Report: Houston, 'Gravity' Does Not Have a Problem
10/3/13 Forecast: 'Gravity' to Orbit Above Competition This Weekend
10/2/13 'Insidious' Sequel Leads Average September
10/1/13 October 2013 Preview
9/29/13 Weekend Report: 'Cloudy' Consumes $34 Million
9/25/13 Forecast: 'Cloudy with a Chance of' a $40 Million Opening Weekend
9/22/13 Weekend Report: 'Prisoners' Kidnaps Top Spot on Slow Fall Weekend
9/19/13 Forecast: 'Prisoners' to Capture Adult Audiences This Weekend
9/15/13 Weekend Report: 'Insidious Chapter 2' Gets Lucky on Friday the 13th
9/12/13 Forecast: 'Insidious 2' Poised to Possess Audiences on Friday The 13th
9/8/13 Weekend Report: Vin Wins As 'Riddick' Leads Quiet Weekend
9/6/13 Grading Mojo's Summer Forecast
9/6/13 Grading Mojo's Summer Forecast (cont.)
9/5/13 Forecast: 'Riddick' to Rule First Weekend of Fall
9/4/13 Summer 2013: Winners & Losers
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10/19 Weekend Report: 'Fury' Topples 'Gone Girl,' 'Birdman' Soars in Limited Release
10/19 Around-the-World: 'Guardians' Passes 'Captain America,' 'Spider-Man' Sequels
10/18 Friday Report: 'Fury' Rolls in to First Place on Friday
10/16 Forecast: 'Fury' to Invade Top Spot This Weekend
10/16 Forecast (cont.): 'The Best of Me,' 'Men, Women & Children,' 'Birdman'
10/5 Weekend Report: Moviegoers Thrill to 'Gone Girl,' 'Annabelle' This Weekend
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